3M Official Multicam Apple iPad Skins


Precisely measured to fit on an iPad around the camera, sensor, and flash. The apple logo is cut out to preserve your pride using an iPhone. This 3M Multicam vinyl is thick enough to provide a protective layer when laying your phone down on most surfaces.

We highly suggest a clear case over your tablet.

iPad Pro Gen 3 12.9in: A1876 A2014 A1895
iPad Pro Gen 3 11in: A1980 A2013 A1934
iPad Pro Gen 2 10.5in: A1701 A1709
iPad Pro Gen 1 9.7in: A1673 A1674 A1675
iPad Air Gen 3
iPad Gen 5 and 6: A1822 A1823 A1893 A1954
iPad Mini 4/5

• Made from 3M official Multicam Pattern brand vinyl with miniature "MULTICAM" labels in the design
• Extra strength adhesive back
• Made in the USA

Troubleshoot: Select the color before you can select the model.